Know The Meat Up Difference

Know The Meat Up Difference

Meat Up Vegas exclusively provides Direct Wholesale Premium Aged beef that is strictly graded USDA Prime and Certified Angus Beef®. Steaks of this quality are only found at fine Las Vegas Strip restaurants, high-end steakhouses, and white table cloth establishments… UNTIL NOW!

There are two kinds of "Choice"/"Prime" products. "Choice"/"Prime" that has been aged for more than 30 days to achieve the highest flavor and softness and store-bought "Choice"/"Prime" which is harder to chew, dry, and less flavorful. It has always been difficult to find Aged beef. Aged beef is the best of the best, and its quality is unsurpassed.

Back in the day, packing house graders used ink-rollers to roll a stamp up and down the carcass with its designation. There were different roller classifications for higher quality meat. One was "USDA Prime", one was “USDA CAB”, and another "USDA Choice." If it was lower quality, it didn't have a grade rolled onto it and was called a "No-Roll."

All meat begins ungraded at the beginning stages of processing. The criteria for USDA grading comes by checking the seventh rib on the Ribeye, which shows the marbling, appearance, and color. If the seventh rib has a significant marbling and is red in color, it is graded anywhere between "Prime" and "Choice." Ungraded meat is a designation for a product that didn't entirely make it through the grading process. If it's determined to be lesser quality, it is designated as a "No-Roll."

Meat is categorized highest quality to lowest quality by these designations:

  • Prime

  • CAB (Certified Angus Beef)

  • Choice

  • Select

  • "No-Roll"

The very best quality meat categories get processed first, like "Prime," "Certified Angus Beef," and "Choice." The first three categories are the most excellent quality and are the most valuable. The "No-Roll" product is the last to be processed.

Much of the beef in grocery stores are in the "Select" and "No-Roll" category. They do sell some "Choice" products, but by law, a retail beef product has to be in the store for sale within 14 days of being processed. This difference explains why store-bought beef is harder to chew, less flavorful, and drier than meat that has been aged. Grocery and big warehouse stores sell a "Choice" and "Prime" product option. Still, you need to remember that big-box wholesale warehouses are considered a retail distribution and must process the meat within 14 days. They do not offer a 30-Day Aged product. 

All steak products from Meat Up Vegas go through a minimum 30-Day Aged preparation. The 30-Day Aged process allows the meat to rest and become softer. Aged beef is moist, incredibly tender, and has the most flavor. You will taste our difference right away and will be returning for more. All of the meat you order at Meat Up Vegas, is 30-Day Aged "Prime"-"Choice" quality and you pay wholesale-direct prices.

Aged beef is an entirely different eating experience. You will never purchase store-bought meat again. 

Store-bought meat is seldom-trimmed and typically has a lot of fat still attached to the beef that you pay for and then throw away. Meat Up Vegas beef has been super-trimmed of the excess fat giving you much more for your money. You are paying for all meat and little waste. 

NOTE: Fine-quality meat DOES need a little fat attached for the optimum flavor and moistness.

All Meat Up Vegas products are vacuum-sealed for optimal freshness and can live in your freezer for 200+ days without any deterioration. Vacuum-sealed meat can live in your refrigerator for up to 30 days and maintain its freshness. 

Vacuum-sealed packaging seals out the air to maintain its fresh state. Upon opening, the meat returns to its beautiful vibrant red color by the oxygen that is reintroduced. Compare this to store-bought meat that only has a thin sheet of plastic protection and becomes dry and brown looking.

Now you can purchase premium quality meat at wholesale-direct prices from Meat Up Vegas!


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