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Option #38: Premium Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless Case (20lbs)

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  • (4) 5lb Frozen Packages of 6oz Chicken Breasts - Boneless/Skinless
  • Raw, Uncooked, Antibiotic-Free
* As the National meat shortage continues to deepen -our premium chicken remains consistent and the highest quality.
Please note - the factory's normal packaging has changed temporarily from each individual chicken breast quick frozen to 5lb frozen packages.

This 5lb packaging is the normal packaging ordered by high quality restaurants. The processing plant has temporarily suspended our normal individual quick frozen packages due to covid staffing issues.

Should you desire storing smaller portions - per USDA standards, It is completely safe to separate out portion sizes into smaller ziploc freezer bags. The procedure is easy - simply partially thaw the chicken in the refrigerator and separate out your portions into ziploc freezer bags. 

Every week we receive wholesale meat market updates and developments regarding the meat shortages and the different processes in the supply chain. We will always keep you updated as we continue to pivot to keep up with the ever changing dynamics to bring our clients the very best meat and poultry available. 

We appreciate your loyalty, consideration, and understanding. 
Happy Holidays!